IST Austria

2020/06/02 · IST Austria

Possible physical trace of short-term memory found

Search for the long-sought “engram” successful? – Study published in Neuron

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2020/05/09 · IST Austria

IST Austria scientists demonstrate quantum radar prototype

New detection technique based on quantum technology developed at IST Austria – Study published in Science Advances

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2020/04/09 · IST Austria

Boosting large-scale quantum computing networks

Superconducting quantum circuits — a new pathway towards large-scale quantum computers. Future and Emerging Technology (FET) grant awarded to IST Austria quantum physicist, Johannes Fink.

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2020/03/30 · All · IST Austria

Everybody for Everybody: IST Austria starts Corona Diary as Citizen Science Project

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) is initiating an interdisciplinary Citizen Science project to collate and analyze data on social interactions during the Corona crisis.

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2020/03/05 · All · IST Austria

Little cell – big cover story

IST Austria scientists rebuild cell division machinery to reveal protein choreography – Study featured on the cover of Nature Microbiology

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2020/01/13 · IST Austria · IST CUBE · TWIST

Geometry meets time: when 2D print-outs fold themselves into complex 3D objects

IST Austria PhD student and computer scientist in collaboration with researchers from Caltech and Rey Juan Carlos University designs flat sheets that transform themselves taking the predefined curved shape with the rates of deformation specified across the whole surface – Study published in Nature Communications

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