2020/09/14 · IST Austria · TWIST

Structure of ATPase, the world’s smallest turbine, solved

First complete structure of mammalian F1Fo ATP-synthase – Study published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

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2020/09/07 · IST Austria · IST CUBE · TWIST

High-ranking delegation visits IST Austria

Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs Margarete Schramböck and Wirtschaftslandesrat Jochen Danninger visited the IST Austria campus together with their government colleagues.

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2020/01/13 · IST Austria · IST CUBE · TWIST

Geometry meets time: when 2D print-outs fold themselves into complex 3D objects

IST Austria PhD student and computer scientist in collaboration with researchers from Caltech and Rey Juan Carlos University designs flat sheets that transform themselves taking the predefined curved shape with the rates of deformation specified across the whole surface – Study published in Nature Communications

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2017/11/30 · All · IST Austria · TWIST

Virtual reality for bacteria

An interdisciplinary group of researchers interfaced individual bacteria with a computer to build a hybrid bio-digital circuit – Study published in Nature Communications.

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2017/09/29 · All · IST CUBE · TWIST

IST Austria connected scientists and founders at the Science-Industry Day

The slogan “Create. Connect. Translate.” guided through the Science Industry Day 2017 at IST Austria | Panel discussion with experts as well as Young Scientists’ and Founders’ Afternoon well attended.

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